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Redbone Coonhound Puppies and started dogs for sale! Over 25 years of breeding and raising Redbones! Location: Buffalo, New York / Port Colborne, ON

Home of 2013 Canadian Autumn Open Nite Hunt Champion


John Dell   905-834-3222

Pups $300 - $500 depending on cross

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Leah | Reply 17.01.2015 17.01

Hey there we are looking for a Redbone female pup also for a family/hunting pet. We live in ontario. Do you have any now or possibly in the near future??

Dan Wettlaufer | Reply 14.01.2015 09.59

Hi John, I'm looking for a female Redbone pup that would be a family pet. They are difficult to find here in Ontario, is your Port Colborne location still open?

JOhn | Reply 04.01.2015 21.07

None right now, check back in 2 or 3 months

Shawnee | Reply 04.01.2015 08.59

Hi wondering if you have any female puppies? We just bought a house south of rochester...if you could contact via email with details that would be great :)

Cody Zadow | Reply 16.12.2014 21.10

Just wondering if you have any male puppies for sale at this time.I live in Eganville,Ontario.

John | Reply 10.12.2014 23.32

Yes, most likely, my MAX dog

jo-ann hill | Reply 09.12.2014 19.58

Hi John its Jo-Ann my female will be coming into heat soon x-mas or shortly after do you have any purbred males not related to mine from ohio.

Kelley Godin | Reply 07.12.2014 14.24

My son is looking for a started dog and lives in Vermont. By any chance do you have any started animals available at this time?

Joe | Reply 06.12.2014 18.21

any finished male redbones for sale? I live in NY State.

I live in the Binghamton, NY area. Please contact me if you or anyone knows of any finished dogs.

John | Reply 03.12.2014 22.36

I sent some pups over to Slovakia, about 10 years ago a veterinarian there is breeding them, I can get his name and contact info. It might be easier.

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23.01 | 10:48

looking for female redbone puppy. am located in Washington state

20.01 | 19:42

Just wondering if you know of any redbone breeders in Australia?
Thanks, Courtney

18.01 | 00:24

Pups, will have some in late Spring, summer and fall if all goes right!

17.01 | 20:21

Looking for a male puppy/ hunting partner. Can you help me?

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