Deepwoods Redbone Coonhounds

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Redbone Coonhound Puppies and started dogs for sale! Over 25 years of breeding and raising Redbones! Location: Buffalo, New York / Port Colborne, ON

Home of 2013 Canadian Autumn Open Nite Hunt Champion


John Dell   905-834-3222

Pups $300 - $500 depending on cross

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Amanda | Reply 18.04.2014 00.02

I need a male redbone coonhound puppy

Tyler Kuhn | Reply 13.02.2014 11.33

Hey john. I was wondering what your pricing is on a male pup? Thanks Tyler

John Dell | Reply 09.02.2014 13.41

Hey John, I may have a 3 month old pup for sale next week. Call me

john | Reply 09.02.2014 13.16

Looking for a female pup
I am near windsor ontario.

kegan | Reply 05.02.2014 07.48

I need a redbone coonhounds

John 05.02.2014 08.15

I may have a 3 month old Female for Sale

Call me 905-834-3222

adam | Reply 23.01.2014 22.13

I need a female pup asap if you have one

John | Reply 18.01.2014 12.37

If you want a pup the best thing to do is call me. 905-834-3222!! My email is

Thanks John

Ben | Reply 18.01.2014 12.26

Hi John, I I m looking for a male puppy do u have any available?

Heidi Prime | Reply 16.01.2014 21.50

Hi John,
I am interested in a male puppy. Do you have any available now?

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18.04 | 00:02

I need a male redbone coonhound puppy

17.04 | 19:09

John I couldn't find your links under UKC on your home page. Sorry that I am bothering you, might just resign myself to putting this on hold

15.04 | 13:51

Lance, look at my links and under UKC, hit the link, go to the message board for redbones and you can find breeders in North America.

13.04 | 19:27

That would be great John and I have looked on Kijiji with no luck.
Can you give me a couple of the breeders address's and phone numbers that I could contact

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