Red is a real nice hound and has some really top characteristics that I believe can help out the Redbone breed.

Red opens up quick on track with a big bawl mouth and uses his mouth right; He locates the tree with a big bawl and rolls over to a loud steady chop on tree. Red is a hard hard stay put treedog and barks over 100 barks a minute on the tree. He will split tree and hold all kinds of pressure. Red is a 2013 performance sire!

Red also has the ability to produce an all grand litter if bred to the right female. Red's semen was collected at Nevergone (Dean Bitzel) in Washbash IN, in January 2012 and in Feb of 2013!

In competition Red is a first or second strike dog and usually he is treed first, he will back another dog if not treed first unless he is on his own track. He is extremely competitive! Red also likes to wind coon! Often when you cut him loose he will have his head in the air and when he smells the scent in the air he is going to where he smells it!

Red has a lot of drive and has a medium to cold nose, but can run a hot track as fast as any dog. He is the most accurate hound I have ever owned. Red also has a great disposition, loves people and we can train puppies with him!!

Some people have asked me about anything negative. The only negative things are as follows: Sometime he likes to race with another dog before he gets in and starts hunting, usually this is only when I have not had him out for a while. He also will tree a oppussum occasionally. He will not hunt in thunderstorms and sometimes he won`t work right in competition if there is a mean dog, but he will stay at the tree with one. oh yes when he was younger he had a bad problem with rolling in dead animals. That`s it nothing else!!

Red just turned 5 years old in Dec of 2012! He is very dark red, and is a great coondog

As of April 6 2013, The Stud Fee on Red is $300, negative brucellosis test required for live breedings

Things that stand out about RED 
1. Volume (He is extremely loud)
2. Extremely Competitive with lots of Drive
3. First Strike Dog
4. First Tree Dog
5. Really Nice Looking Dark Hound


Red, really resembles his father GRNTCH GRCH'PR'T-TOP RABBLE ROUSER (Looks and ability)

Red is now a GRNITECH and 2 CH of CH wins on the bench. We have frozen semen available in Wabash Indiana that can be shipped anywhere in the US.

Come by for a hunt sometime and stay a few days

Major Wins

2011 National Redbone Days Cast Win
2012 National Redbone Days Cast Win
2013 Southern Redbone Days Cast Win, High Scoring Redbone Male Friday Night

John Dell 905-834-3222

Buffalo NY/Port Colborne Ontario


JOHN LANGSTAFF ON 519-864-1970

KYLE BORGSTADT MO 660-641-9917


RANDY FICKEN MO 314-805-1904

Calvin Oulds ON 519-692-4870

Nathan Ratcliff OH 419-685-1437

Pastor Mike Laster VA 540-392-2441

Dan Rankin ON 519-333-9160

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Nathen | Reply 04.06.2014 12.57

When is your next litter expected

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17.04 | 22:09

This Redbone Coonhound dog looks so handsome and focussed when it comes to catching a raccoon in the tree. I just love Redbone Coonhound dogs very much.

06.04 | 13:43

looking for a one year old started male red bone coon hound with papers and allegory records with solid breeding proven

06.04 | 13:15

looking for a one year old started male red bone hound with all van.with record soils proven back ground with papers.

30.03 | 16:52

I was wondering when you will have a litter of pups out of red?

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